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P.O. BOX: 06 Kibungo, Rwanda
Tel: 0788314675
Website: http://www.

Study at UNIK

UNIK offers undergraduate programmes in education; Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Business and Economics studies. Our degrees are locally and internationally recognized by the (...)

Historical background

The University of Kibungo (UNIK is the first university established in former Kibungo Province, currently the Eastern Province, with the intention to provide quality education to local community (...)

History of UNIK

In the origins, the University of Kibungo (UNIK) was named Université d’Agriculture, de Technology and d’Education de Kibungo (UNATEK), started as community university recognized by the Government (...)

Why study at UNIK

UNIK offers teaching programmes and professional courses which are locally and international recognised.
The following are the facts about UNIK:
We are a community institution and work for the (...)

Modes of Learning

All UNIK programs are set and delivered in three modes of learning which are Day Program, Evening Program and Week End Program.
Students admission requirements are the same as those applied (...)

Vision, Mission, Values and Motto

VISION UNIK is committed to be a place of influence and excellence. This is particularly noted for its teaching quality, research innovation service to the community, and use of modern (...)